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Aquafresh Kid Little Teeth Manual Toothbrush - Rabbit, Pink 3 - 5 Years

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With animal head-shaped bristle protectors to help make brush time more fun

Help your kids learn to brush their teeth with our fun, colourful Aquafresh Little Teeth Toothbrushes. These brushes all come with our animal head-shaped bristle protectors. This specially designed brush gently helps clean their little teeth and it also has the Aquafresh Flex-Zone which bends to help absorb excess pressure from brushing, helping keep their gums protected.

  • With soft bristles to gently clean their precious teeth
  • Has a suction foot so it can stand on its own
  • Kids can choose from the crocodile, bunny, shark or tiger\


  • It is used to maintain oral health by cleaning the teeth and preventing cavities

Product Specifications and Features:

  • It is a specially designed toothbrush for children aged 3+ years with a colourful design to help engage kids and make brushing more fun
  • It has colorful Bunny clip-on bristle protectors that help engage your child in brushing as the non-slip handle provides better control of the grip
  • Specially designed by dental experts, with a flexible neck that bends to help absorb excess pressure from brushing and soft bristles that clean teeth to help keep gums healthy
  • The brush helps protect little teeth. Little teeth are important - besides chewing, they enable proper speech, as well as jaw and facial development, they also act as space holders for big teeth waiting in the gums
Specifications of Aquafresh Kid Little Teeth Manual Toothbrush - Rabbit, Pink 3 - 5 Years
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