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Kids Cubby House

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  • Portable
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  • Play Tent
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Product details of Kids Cubby House

When traveling into the world and bringing along your summer fun, you might find yourself without some of the modern conveniences that you have come to depend upon. Suddenly, inflating that pool without the power of a wall outlet seems like a distant prayer!

Well, there are plenty of other ways that you can achieve the same goals without the trappings of something like electricity. A little bit of elbow grease or foot stomping can prevent you from needing to scream!

Ensure that you don't spend your whole vacation breathing hot air into your cool pool when you have this Manual Air Pump. This simple device will save you tons of energy and all without the requirement of electric power! (There are, after all, a few times that the manual route is better!) A 3-foot hose fits into the pump and the other onto your pool nozzle. Blue for blow. Red for... remove air? Take turns stepping on the pump and then all of you can play!

Normally, trying to blow up an inflatable pool on your own is, well... it's just going to kill you. We're pretty sure that is how they were designed! Fortunately, a Manual Air Pump is a great solution to getting that pool set up and, heck, you'll even be able to cool off those feet once you're done!

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