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Mamaearth Fruit Punch Toothpaste 50G

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Product Highlights

Hi! I am Mamaearth Fruit Punch Toothpaste. I love to see your kids smile. I am Fluoride & SLS free, so you don’t need to worry if more toothpaste ends up in your kid’s tummy than in the sink. I remove plaque and taste awesome thanks to my yummy fruity flavour. I am thoughtfully formulated with high-quality ingredients like sorbitol, silica, and glycerin. Introduce me to your kids and I will strengthen gums and be best friends with them forever.

Product details of Mamaearth Fruit Punch Toothpaste 50G

What to Expect From Mamaearth Fruit Punch Toothpaste?


Promotes Healthy Teeth & Gums

Packing a punch of fruits, the toothpaste gently cleanses teeth, removes plaque, and reduces bacterial growth. It provides maximum protection against cavities without being harsh on the gums or teeth enamel.


100% Natural

Fruity Toothy Cleanse! 100% natural and unique kid-friendly toothpaste that offers effective dental and oral hygiene without the use of harsh abrasives or additives.


Safe, If Swallowed*

Mamaearth Fruit Punch Toothpaste cleanses naturally without SLS or fluoride. It contains naturally derived ingredients and thus won’t cause harm, *if swallowed accidentally.

Key Ingredients

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    Sorbitol : A sweetening and flavor-enhancing ingredient, Sorbitol makes the toothpaste taste delicious and helps brushing teeth a happy activity for kids! Sorbitol stops the bacteria from feeding on the teeth, doesn’t cause tooth decay and is safe when ingested.
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    Silica : A mild ingredient that removes plaque and stains. Silica removes plaque build-up without being harsh on the gums or teeth enamel.
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    Glycerin : It is a naturally derived ingredient that keeps moisture levels stable by holding in water and prevents the mouth from drying when brushing. Glycerin is a humectant and also works as a preservative.

How To Use

  • Step 1 : Ensure your children brush their teeth every morning & evening, or after every meal.
  • Step 2 : Children should use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste for supervised brushing to minimize swallowing.
  • Step 3 : Gently brush gums & teeth in a circular motion.
  • Step 4 : Rinse, gargle & giggle.

Who Can Use Mamaearth Fruit Punch Toothpaste?

  • Children within the age group of 12+ months to 4 years.
  • Kids with yellowing teeth due to food deposits or cavities should use this.

Why Is Mamaearth Fruit Punch Toothpaste Better Than Other Options Available in the Market?

  • Prevents Tooth Decay & Cavitiesl
  • SLS & Fluoride Free
  • Contains Natural Fruit Flavors
  • Effectively Removes Plaque
  • Whitens & Cleanses Teeth
  • Tastes Awesomes
  • Damages Developing Permanent Teeth of Kids
  • Contains Fluoride
  • Full of Harmful Chemicals
  • Does Not Remove Plaque
  • Does Not Clean Effectively
  • Kids Don’t Like The Taste
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