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Nuk Orthodontic Pacifiers Disney Baby 6-18 Months

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Product Highlights
  • Improved, orthodontic and original NUK shape – based on the female breast when breastfeeding, which fits perfectly into the mouth of the baby when they are suckling on it

  • Thin and narrow teat neck reduces pressure on the jaw and teeth
  • Flat teat and smooth underside – for a pleasant feeling and plenty of space for the natural suction movement
  • Anatomically shaped mouth shield made of high-quality plastic (BPA-free)
  • Teat made of silicone – free from harmful substances, boil-proof, odourless, transparent
  • Items delivered: 2 pieces
  • Available in 2 sizes: size 1 (0 - 6 months), size 2 (6 - 18 months)
  • Made in Germany
Product details of Nuk Orthodontic Pacifiers Disney Baby 6-18 Months

NUK Trendline Soother – quiets distress and promotes the physical development

The NUK soothers, make look the classic binkies super cool ... All babies have a natural need to suck even when they don’t need to eat. Suckling upon a soother has an extremely calming effect and the little ones feel a sense of security. In addition to this, suckling also supports the physical development of your baby.

Suckling upon a soother, helps babies build and train facial muscles. The interaction of the flexible tongue, strong jaw muscles and a properly shaped palate is an important prerequisite for healthy, trouble-free breathing, problem-free food intake and language development.

NUK soothers are particularly good at quieting distress

Due to the advancement of the original orthodontic NUK shape according to the latest medical knowledge, the new NUK soother calms down your child better than ever before, because due to the familiar shape, breastfed babies also accept this soother well. Breastfeeding mothers have confirmed that the NUK soother does not interfere with breastfeeding *. In this way, it ensures relaxation and peace even for new mothers.

No malposition of teeth and jaw thanks to NUK soothers

Furthermore, NUK soothers do not cause malposition of teeth or jaw. This is ensured by the narrow, flat and thin teat. It minimises the pressure on the small teeth and the jaw, and leaves the tongue enough space for the natural suction movement – another reason why the new NUK soother is valued and recommended by midwives, paediatricians and orthodontists alike.

Non-toxic soother for your baby

The anatomic shape of the mouth shield with a flat handle avoids pressure points in the prone and lateral position. The practical ring on the soother is made of high-quality polypropylene (BPA-free) and is easy to grip even for the smallest of hands. The clear silicone material is easy to clean and is particularly temperature-resistant. It is free from harmful substances, boil-proof, odourless, transparent and has a smooth surface.

The NUK Trendline soother is supplied in a practical pack of 2. The highlight of these NUK soothers are their cool designs: They are printed with popular Disney heroes such as Mickey Mouse, Bambi and Dumbo or Winnie Pooh and his friends.

Tried and tested NUK quality – Made in Germany!

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