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Farlin Rainbow Spoon Set - Mix Colors

Brand :Farlin

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Product Highlights
Farlin Rainbow Spoon Set - Mix Colors
  • Specially designed size fit baby's mouth growth.
  • Attractive prime colors.
  • Farlin Rainbow Spoon Set Specifications
  • Specially designed to fit Baby's mouth growth.
  • Rainbow colours help keep your infant's focus on the spoons while they eat. Your infant will like using this great teaching spoon and desire to feed themselves.
  • Rainbow Spoon Set helps baby to identify colors.
  • It has attractive prime colors.
  • It is dishwasher safe. Clean the product before use with warm water and mild detergent.
  • Specifically for 4 months plus
We've found an easy and fun way to feed your little one. Eating is a skill baby needs to learn, it's time for solid food to show up on your baby's menu. Farlin Colour Magic Spoon sets are specially designed with an appropriate length, width and depth, that is suitable for babies. These baby spoons come in attractive colours and designs which also stimulate the baby's imagination. With the Farlin Rainbow Colour Spoon Set, you can now make feeding time a more productive, educational and a fun moment with your child by teaching them colours whilst you feed them. Tiny hands need spoons and utensils that are easy to grab and use. It is the perfect training spoon for kids who have the motor skills to start holding and using a spoon.
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